Friday, September 01, 2006

Marvellous Miscellany


Now that I am mostly done tinkering with Blogger code, I can breathe and catch up on posting.

Prais the Lord, Chris has a job! The firm he worked for this summer called him back one week after his internship ended and offered him a spot for next fall. We are so thankful for that offer! It takes a lot of pressure off of this next year, and it allows us to start making plans in advance instead of at the last minute.

Equally exciting is that there is a university about 45 minutes from where Chris will be working that offers a Master's of Social Work. So, Lord willing, next fall I should be able to make some serious progress towards that degree. I'm a long way behind on prerequisites, but I'm taking a class this semester on Family and Society, and I'll take another class next semester as well. Then perhaps I can do the remaining 10 or 12 credits that I need to be accepted next fall, hunt up an internship or some kind of work experience, and then get going full time on the degree in the fall of 2008, with completion in May 2010.

DeWitt is merrily gaining weight. I thought that was a good thing (just a growing boy!), but now the doc tells me that we have a pudgy budgie. :-( I'm not sure what to do with him since he won't touch the food that the vet recommended to replace the seed, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that my family raised four or five birds on seed, and they all did just fine. He has recently recovered from a mite infestation on his beak and feet. Non-transmissible to humans, but they can do some serious damage to a bird's beak. They're all gone now though, and he's going to be just fine.


Delaura said...

DeWitt? Why for DeWitt? I wouldn't have pegged you as a bird-lover, but that's cool. What's it like to own a bird? I am looking at getting a pet. Dogs don't work in apartments and I don't like cats.

Monica said...

We named him DeWitt because we wanted something that sounded distinguished and because he's got a little blue splotch on each side of his beak that looks like a bow tie. :-) So we named him after everybody's favorite chairman of the speech department. :-)

Owning a bird (especially a parakeet) is great. He lives in a relatively small space, he can be out of the cage as much or as little as you want him to be, and he's pretty low maintenance. And his food is cheap. :-) If you get a parakeet, they're generally pretty quiet. They chatter, but they don't shriek. Anything larger than a parakeet is going to make som serious noise. You do have to watch out for a couple of ailments (like the scaly face mites), but other than that, they don't need any special pampering. They live about 7-10 years on average.

Delaura said...

A bird couldn't possibly make as much noise as I do, so the noise factor is good :D I had never even thought of getting a bird. You have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me--thank you :D
Dr. Jones taught my summer school Oral Comm course. He taught the guys how to tie bow ties. So funny :D

Becca said...

Finches are cute, but you have to get them in pairs and if one dies you have to get a replacement mate or the other one will languish. I just got a birdfeeder and let the goldfinches do their own pairing.

Monica said...

Glad to hear you're not interfering with nature. :-)

I highly recommend a bird. Especially for a small space.

mel said...

Laura, I'd almost forgotten about the bow tie tying lesson in OCP. That was funny!

Delaura said...

I don't know. I was in tears once when my fish died. And I tend to kill things. I don't think I would be able to forgive myself if I accidentally killed a bird. That would be terrible.

Monica said...

It's pretty tough to kill off a parakeet. As long as you give them fresh water every day and make sure there's seed in their food dish, they're fine. They really only require basic care.