Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just for the record...

Putting politics, Christianity, and lots of emotion together is never a good thing.


Everybody comes out looking bad.

Argh. Stuff like Jesus Camp makes me so mad! I feel like I need to watch it, but I don't want to. I know I'll spend the entire movie yelling at the screen. People persist in lumping every little group of people that call themselves Christian together as if everything that called itself Christian really was. Even within what could properly be called Christian, there is a huge variety of practices and beliefs. You can't lump us all together! STOP BEING SO CLOSED MINDED!

Sigh. Guess it'll never really stop...


Becca said...

I feel no obligation whatsoever to watch that movie. It sounds like a waste of time.

The Bard said...

What, is there a bit of unease with the Forces of Openmindedness and Tolerance? A quick skim of the movie suggests it is nothing more that the usual product of the anti-Christian left. They have no interest in being fair or telling wheat from chaff. Instead, they take the worst possible example, exaggerate it out of proportion, and then use their allies in the media to convince people that their show is what all Chrsitians are like (Muslims, however, are of course part of a religion of peace and the Pope is an insensitive bigot for telling lies that lead to those peaceful people protesting "peacefully").

In short, I don't share Monica's frustrations with Jesus Camp because it is nothing more than standard operating procedure from the Left. It is best ignored. Our best strategy is to continue to make our arguements in public and to live our personal lives in a way that challenges the stereotypes of the few who care to pay any attention.

Perhaps the filmakers are trying to cash in an anti-Christian sentiment just like Veggie Tales & Mel Gibson have made money with films that appeal to pro-Christian sentiments. I cannot blame the makers for this; I can only hope that the captialist principles they practice in private life will influence them at the ballot box. :-)