Friday, March 24, 2006

Wouldn't that be nice...?

Don't we all wish we could do this?


Becca said...

Now there's a great charity idea--a pool of people with good intentions that just need to be funded. Here's a thought--that guy could try to make "the system" work better and do good where he is and STILL draw a salary. I know, probably overly optimistic (have you ever worked under legislatively mandated rules?), but just a suggestion. Poor guy. I'd love to fund him, but I'm too busy trying to fund myself into a job I like.

Ben said...

Well, now that we are officially fellow bloggers, I figured I would leave a comment on your blog.

Say, are you and Chris the concert-going type? I'm going to a concert tonight.

Monica said...

We are, but not tonight. We're hitting the gym.

Thanks though!