Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just don't do it

It's not worth it. It never is.
34 Duke Business Students Face Discipline for Cheating


mel said...

I ran across that article last night and almost posted something about it. Kind of makes you wonder about how much of this stuff goes on that never gets caught, doesn't it?

The Bard said...

I actually disagree with your premise that cheating is never worth it. Of course it is worth it; that's why people cheat. Look at the figures. Over half of business school students *admit* cheating (who knows how many cheat and don't get caught). Think about it--if half the class cheats, and only a small group gets caught at one school, isn't the risk worth it?

Now, I consider cheating morally repulsive (and a sin) so I won't do it. But I fully expect most people to cheat if they get the chance given the low probability of getting caught.