Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Aeon Flux came out on DVD yesterday, and it should land in my mailbox today courtesy of Netflix. I can't wait to watch it again! That is one fantastic movie, let me tell you. It's one of the few movies about a girl that doesn't end up making her just a prop for the main guy who shows up halfway through. Don't get me wrong--I don't have anything against movies with male main characters, but a movie that bills itself as about a girl should be about a girl, and Aeon Flux does that well. Props to the director!

The movie is worth watching for its acting (Charlize Theron, come on!) and special effects, but the philospohical take on life intrigued me the most. It walks the line between the price of perfect safety and the value of life as it comes with all its inherent risks. I like it a lot. Definitely worth watching more than once, and really pretty clean (violence and a few skimpy costumes, but no profanity--a welcome change).


Becca said...

On my "to watch" list for when I have time to do fun things again.

Monica said...

Update: It was much cooler on the big screen. I watched it again last week with Chris, and I do have to admit that the sheer size and sound of the theatre makes a difference for this movie. Still, it's a great movie with a good plot and good acting. Twice through, and I can still wholeheartedly recommend it.