Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Please welcome the latest addition

This blog has undertaken the reorganization and updating of the sidebar. Please note that the wedding pictures have been moved to the brand new Fun Links section (because this blog thinks that being married is fun and also that speaking in the third person is amusing to this blog and probably annoying to everybody else) and that links have been added to The Button and Homestarrunner, each of which this blog considers to be a fantastic way to waste time. The musically inclined portion of this blog's audience will appreciate The Music Genome Project.

(OK, so this blog has been reading too much Dave Barry, but this blog thinks there are few people more amusingly addictive.)


Becca said...

Heh. I apologize for making you a Homestarrunner fan.

Monica said...

Nah. Not your fault. They got me while I was in Philly.

Ben said...

Dave Barry. My personal hero. When I grow up, I want to be Dave Barry. Of course, that would involve stealing his identity and his genetic makeup. But this is AMERICA, darn it!

Live the dream!

mel said...

"too much Dave Barry"? Is that possible? ;)