Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Excuse me, everyone. I have an announcement.

Winter is over. The end.

It is going to be 60 degrees outside today, and winter is over in my head. So from now on, it's all spring clothes. Cute hats. Flirty little scarves. Short skirts and sandals. I am going to bring spring in by sheer force of will and pretty dresses. No more cold for this girl. I am done with winter.

Thank you.

That is all.


Chloe Lane said...

I know! I am wearing a bright blue short sleeved shirt and a cute and incredibly bright plaid headband. All I have to say is, get thee behind me Winter. We're done.

mel said...

Sheesh! Do you know what I automatically think when I see a post titled "Announcement" on a married friend's blog? ;-) Is DeWitt ready for a brother or sister???

The Bard said...

I like this idea. I think I'll try it in reverse. Winter, please stay. I want to walk to school rather than oozing along in a melted blob from summer. I'll stick to warm sweaters, cord pants, mittens, turtlenecks, and my ever-present coffee cup. But I'll leave the long johns at home in hopes that the temprature stays above zero.

Anna said...

I am with you! I live in Florida, for crying out loud, and last night it was 37 degrees. Here's to warm weather and dogwood blossoms!

Becca said...

David, trade places with Monica please. I'm cold. Monica, let me know how that goes. I'm not willing to venture out in the short skirt and sandals until the weather demonstrates to me that it is willing to stay above 20 while it is daylight. Much as I'm dying to--I bought a cute dress last weekend out of sheer hopefulness!

Monica said...

You know, it's working pretty well so far. :-) It's almost 70 today!