Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fair Food

OK, I know it's been forever, but I promised to put up pictures of the State Fair food, and here they are. Don't worry--I kept them in the fridge so they wouldn't get moldy. :-)

I took pictures of the food places we didn't get to, but as you can see, we enjoyed what we did get immensely. :-)

Eaten but not pictured: basket of cheesy fries and one very sugary funnel cake (that one's for you, Becca!)


Ben said...

Gotta love those turkey legs. Mmmmmmmm!

At the Texas State Fair, Christy and I had Fried Coke. What won't they think of next?

Monica said...

How do you fry Coke?

Ben said...

I'm glad you asked. "How do you fry Coke?"

You fry Coke by making something akin to donut holes in batter soaked in Coke...then put it in a cup with whipped cream and some more Coke.

It was actually really good (except the extra Coke...which was just too much). I loooooooooove sugar.

Btw, you told me on my blog several months back that I would love marriage. I just wanted to say that you were absolutely right.