Friday, July 07, 2006

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre you ready?

As the commercial says, "Get your booty..."

"...To the theater!"

Absolutely cannot wait to join the unwashed masses in enjoying what should be a delightful little piece of brain candy. :-)


The Bard said...

Ahrr--adventure, humor, ghosts, swordplay, and Kiera Knightly on the big screen--what more could any guy want?

Monica said...

Sadness and despondency.

So Keira Knightly's teeth looked like she had finally seen a dentist, but she still isn't any good as an actress, and all in all, Pirates just wasn't that good this time around. Too much weirdness and darkness and not enough fun. Last time, Johnny Depp was funny in a really odd way; this time, he just looked, well...not normal in an unfunny kind of way. Orlando Bloom did a lot of hopping around, but that's about it.

Sigh...I was so excited, and the ensuing fall was long and hard.

Becca said...

Yeah, I sorta liked Knightly in the first Pirates, but she's been a little disappointing since. A lot of pouty-lip shots and a cute accent may make for an attractive girl, but not a deep actress. But then, maybe I'm just having a hard time forgiving her for starring in that excuse for a Pride & Prejudice remake...

Ben said...

Whaaaaaa? How could you knock the Pride and Prejudice movie?! It was AWESOME! She deserved the Oscar for that movie!

Also I like Pirates 2....but I have a weakness for swordfights.