Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So, now Chris is settled into his internship, and after crying all the way back to the highway, I've settled into a rather more stable emotional state.

I keep telling myself that it could be so much worse, you know? He could be in the military and be gone for indefinite periods of time in highly dangerous areas. As it is, I'm going to see him every weekend, and it's only for 8 weeks, so it could be so much worse. But we haven't even been married a year, and it still stinks. Sigh...

On a rather lighter note, I planted a sort of veggie garden yesterday. Chris and I got ourselves a sweet cherry tomato plant, a green pepper plant, a yellow pepper plant, a hot red pepper plant, a cucumber plant, and a flowering plant just for fun. :-) We bought them on Friday, but as it was pouring down rain Friday night, we left the planting for after the weekend. So yesterday, I diligently got out my brand new trowel and the big bag of dirt and put all the plants into their respective pots and troughs. The tomato got its own pot (it's already twice as big as when we bought it!!), and the flowering plant came in a sturdy enough pot to be left alone. All the others went into a long skinny trough kind of thing. I have my doubts about whether it's deep enough to let the roots form properly, but Chris insists that it's fine, so we shall see... :-)

I'll try to take some pictures tonight and post them up some time. Does anyone know if veggies will keep producing over the winter if I bring them inside and keep them warm?


mel said...

Yea for veggie gardening! :) Be sure you put a stake or something in the pot to tie your tomato plant to before it gets too tall. Mine almost met its demise because of my negligence in that area!

Where's Chris doing his internship?

Ben said...

Veggies? blech. Why add work to an already unpleasant experience? Also, why grow up when immaturity is so much easier?

Monica said...

Aww, come on, Ben. Some veggies are pretty nasty (ahem, broccoli), but sweet cherry tomatoes and bell peppers and cucumbers are on the good list.

I bought a cage for the tomato plant, so he should be fine, and we even have a stake for the cucumber to crawl up. Now it's just wait for the veggies. :-)

Chris is doing his internship in Charlotte at a firm called Caudle and Spears. I think he likes it so far other than us being two hours apart. :-(

The Bard said...

Uh, is this the same Monica who swore for years at BJU that: 1) she had a brown thumb that killed any plant it touched; and 2) she would never permit plants in her house?

Monica said...

It's a black thumb, and I think it's turning greener. :-) It must have something to do with not having to spend wretched hours pulling weeds out. Yeah for pots!! :-) And the plants aren't in the house--they're on the back deck. So there.