Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Very exciting news! (and some more exploring)

DeWitt is finding his voice!! Today was a beautiful spring-ish day, so when Chris came home, he opened up the sliding door near DeWitt's cage. DeWitt, upon hearing the outdoor birds, started warming up his own chirping! :-) I'm just sad I wasn't here to hear him. Hopefully, soon he'll be comfortable enough with us that he'll sing when we're around.

Here's a picture of DeWitt figuring out exactly where his favorite perch is.

Just look at them--my two favorite men! Posted by Picasa


The Bard said...

Somewhat odd for a DeWitt to only now be learning how to talk.

Great picture. It's only seeing him sitting on Chris's head that I see how small the bird is. Does he dig his claws in when he perches, or is he too small for that yet?

Monica said...

Well, I'll bet that as precocious as the namesake surely was, even he probably didn't talk at four weeks old. :-)

He does dig in his claws a bit, but he's not a very big bird, so it's not much. It's more of a tickle/light scratchy feeling, although to hear Chris complain about him climbing up his neck, you'd think DeWitt was stabbing him to death.

Becca said...

What a cutie! (no, the bird, silly)