Thursday, December 29, 2005

What would you do?

Take a look at what landed in my husband's inbox today.

Is chivalry indeed dead? How can this poor woman not get anyone to help her? is so hard.

From Nadia Arafat
202, Kamel El Shennawi street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.

Attention dear,

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Aselamu Aleikum.

Forgive my indignation to contact you through this medium without prior notice. I am Mrs Nadia Arafat, the wife of late Fathi Arafat brother to Yasser Arafat) who just died on  Wednesday 1st December, 2004. In military hosptal cairo egypt.

It did not take more than 48hours after his demise when I was contacted by his security firm in Asia as his next of kin. Before his death, he entrusted many documents to me and told me to let things be since he knew that he would die considering his cancer ailment. One of those documents bore certificate of deposit from the said security firm that contacted me in London.

Hence I`m requested to correspond with them in the shortest possible time to avoid the demurrages that will accrue following the death of my husband as nobody except me can attend to such transaction. Thus I`m contacting you so that you can help me to retrieve this clasified deposit from the security firm and for safe keeping pending when it will be convienient for me to travel out of Egypt. All eyes are on me now and as such I will not like to attract any attention now either by monetary transactions or by international travel.

As a result, I request you to reply to me as soon as possible so that we shall know the way forward and how to streamline issues and procedures towards the successful retrieval of this clasified deposit which bear the sum of US$ 25.5 Million,  I`m quite convinced that  this classified deposit is enough for any investment of ones choice in a life`s time.

Endeavour to keep this mail very secret even if you are not keen to cooperate with me as I beseeched you.

Please send your reply to my private e-mail address


Mrs Nadia


LAM said...

It's good that Chris is in law school. because it seems like only someone with legal training will be able to relieve that poor woman's sufferings.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is some sort of scam. I've recieved emails like this before. I actually corresponded with someone from Africa who had 6 million dollars or so and who needed "help." After 2 months of correspondence (to which I never gave out any personal information which was requested several times so that I could be "contacted for help") the emails stopped. I never found out who it was who was sending those emails. I checked all of my friends to make sure it wasn't a joke. Well, it wasn't. Some jerk just wanted my personal info. My advice would be to proceed with CAUTION. These kind of people (with that much connection to the big wigs of this world) have their own financial helpers and laywers that they have personal contact with.

Monica said...

Oh, it is most definitely a scam. Although we did think about responding using a different e-mail address just to see what would happen. :-)

zack said...

I think this is definitely a scam...I've had email like this before too. I think whatever jerk sent you that email needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law and that you and Mr. Raab shouldn't rest until you bring greedy people to bono of course.

~End Sarcasm~

All in Christian love...right?